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    Newbie Guide

    First of all, welcome to Zero Server!!! The fact that Lineage Zero server has been running for more than 7 years proves that it is really a trusted, long-lasting, and reliable serever. The GM is committed to maintaining, updating, and furthe...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views117 file
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  2. Dragon weapon's options and effects.

    Dragon weapon's Options and Effects.         Paahgrio's Hatred  [Prince,Knight, Elf, Mage, Dark Elf, Dragon Knight, Illusionist], safe enchant 0   Hit Value 25/18 (dagger), hit bonus +5, damage bonus +15, STR+2, DEX+2, HP+100, HP absorb    ...
    Date2017.08.09 Byizumi♡ Reply0 Views60 file
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  3. Soul weapon's options and effects.

    Soul weapon's effects and options.   Soul of Paah    [Prince,Knight, Elf] Hit Value 30 / 20  [one hand weapon] hit bonus +10,  damage bonus +21 STR +3,  DEX +3 , Maximum HP +200     Soul of Eva     [Knight, Dragon Knight] Hit Value 30 / 38  ...
    Date2017.08.07 Byizumi♡ Reply0 Views58 file
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  4. Donation & Zero Coins

    You can make a donation from "" to get Zero Coins for use in the game.   Zero Coins can be used to purchase some items from the Coin Shop, and you can sell them to other users in the game for Adena or items.   How to donate: Visit ...
    Date2017.07.19 Byizumi♡ Reply0 Views51 file
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  5. Guess Box

        Guess Box This special box is generated in your inventory every 3 hrs (ONLY IF you are logged on without a break). You can earn this from the Battle Zone mini game as a reward as well. What's in the box? One of the following items: - Cr...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views30
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  6. Magic Dolls

    MAGIC DOLLS help play the game easier by giving buffs or boosting abilities. You can get a doll from an Aruca's Magic Doll Box  which can be bought from Coin Shop or the Berry Merchant at the fishing site. Another source is events.   Open an...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views60
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  7. Elixir Rune Quest - Level 55 & 70

    Elixir Rune Quest - Level 55 & 70   Where to start: Wizard's Research Lab located between Kent & Gludin   Level 55 Quest (Given by Seirune) Your level must be 55 or higher.   1. Get the Old Report by clicking Pile of Books.   2. Buy ...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views39
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  8. Battle Zone

    Battle Zone ("BZ") is a PVP battle game from which you can earn rewards. You can enter the BZ field through this NPC located in Giran Town. Battle Zone Time: EST: 10:00 / 4:00 (AM/PM) PST: 7:00 / 1:00 (AM/PM) Korea: 12:00 / 6:00 (AM/PM) BZ o...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views22 file
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  9. Fishing

    From fishing, you can earn "Berries" by selling fish you caught to an NPC at the fishing site. With Berries, you can buy, from the same NPC, items including Demon’s Strength, Aruca’s Magic Doll Pocket, Enchant Weapon Scrolls, et...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views47 file
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  10. Auto shop

    Auto Shop It's so easy to open up a personal shop. You can set up a shop ONLY in the Zero Market where you can enter through this NPC in Giran Town.   To set up a shop, type a command “/shop”. When the shop window pops up, place items to sel...
    Date2017.07.17 Byizumi Reply0 Views20
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